Sonoma County Music Lover

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Preston Reyes of Sonoma Web Solutions is an avid music lover. From rock to Americana, gypsy to classical, rap to modern, there is not much the Preston does not enjoy. That being said, Preston also enjoys crafting websites for musicians and bands. They are one of his favorite clients and are generally quite appreciative of his efforts.

“I feel a certain rapport working with musicians as, being a musician myself, I understand their wants and needs and can quickly and effectively bring their visions to life.”

When in school for Graphic Design, Preston hoped to focus his efforts as a designer working with musicians for the branding and collateral needs. Immediately upon completion of school Preston was hired by the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts and was able to do just that full time.

Over the years certainly other projects and clients have came up, but Preston continues to do a fair amount of work for musicians in the Sonoma County area and beyond. Whether it be big names like The Brothers Comatose, The Coffis Brothers or smaller acts like the Bootleg Honeys and his own music based website Rey – Music, Preston continues to love working with musicians.

Do you play music or in a band, inquire today how Sonoma Web Solutions can help you with your website needs and packaging design.